(( Requester specified USUKUS with no preference on top or bottom. 2K words of smut ahead. ))

England was one hell of a kinky bastard.

America had always heard that sort of thing in passing and had teased the man himself about it, but somehow a nickname like Erotic Ambassador didn’t really translate into something solid and real. It seemed more a playful, raunchy joke and not something that was actually, well, true.

And even if it was true, that still didn’t give him any idea of what that actually entailed because, when you got right down to it, America was relatively vanilla compared to Europe. His basic understanding of sex was to put piece A into slot B and maybe there might be some rubbing and grinding but really that was the gist of it, right?

Dating England had served as something of a wake up call and there had been multiple incidents where after a ‘session’ he’d find himself in some shock over what it was that he had just partaken in.

Yet he had thought, after a couple years, that he understood the extent of it. Something along the lines of uniforms and being smacked on the ass and, well, that wasn’t really that kinky was it?

But this?

Oh, this was definitely a notch higher on the kink ladder. Several, in fact.

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