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Alfred trying out drag with Al because he knows how much Al likes it and wants to try it himself at least once and when Al finds out he gets really emotional

YEAH THAT’S DEFINITELY ONE I’VE DISCUSSED WITH A FEW PEOPLE BEFORE. i feel like- alfred would like it more then he anticipated? and he wouldn’t go out anywhere in it, just a personal choice- (he definitely supports al when al wants to tho) but there’s something…nice, about being there with al in a skirt, and cute shoes, (and also having al’s face nuzzled between his thighs while he’s in a skirt-)

and this is sort of sidetracking from your original thing, but alfred Loves It when al is in skirts.

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Got any new Veggie Burgers/ 1p2p Americest kink headcanons?


well, once they’ve been in a relationship for a while and alfred’s grown comfortable and used to how … forward, al is, i feel like that’s when he’d break out his Own kinks. when they start switchin’ things up in the bedroom, they’re probably all suggestions from al- and while alfred Definitely enjoys it, he’d be a little shy about bringing his own up.

until one day, he sits his laptop down on al’s lap or something and it’s just like a google search of hardcore bondage, or cowboy kink, or both, and he’s like “SO AL would you wanna do this kinda thing-“

Al loves kissing and touching and leaving hickies an Alfred's thighs.

yeah DEFINITELY. al has a huge thing for alfred’s thighs (but i mean, who wouldn’t?) and since alfred’s thighs are pretty sensitive, it just adds to it for both of them :^)

Possibly "you’re only allowed to sit there and watch until i tell you otherwise" for VB? Because I can totally see Al doing that and teasing the dickens out of Alfred and getting him hot and bothered and impatient.


"Al c’mon, you’re not being fair!" 

"It’s completely fair, Alfred," Al responds as he slowly slides his underwear off. He grins over at Alfred. His sweet boytoy is red in the face and utterly overwhelmed. "You agreed to wait if I gave you something nice~" 

"And I waited," Alfred says in a whine, eyes sliding over Al’s body. "I enjoyed the strip tease, and it was great. Don’t we start now?" 

"No!" Al says, now completely naked. "I didn’t say ‘wait till the end of a strip tease. I said wait! You’re only allowed to sit there and watch until I tell you otherwise." 

A challenging gleam comes into Alfred’s eyes. “And what if I make a move earlier than that?” 

Al blows him a kiss and settles down onto the couch. “Then I put my clothes back on and you deal with your… issue by yourself~” 

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Hey if you're still taking requests, would you do a Matthew/Al one with Matthew topping? Whether they're simply making love or engaged in something ~naughty~ is up to you!


Al is sleeping rather peacefully when Matthew disturbs him. It’s not an unwanted disturbance- it was something he himself had done to Matthew plenty of times- but it is surprising. Matthew can definitely be quite forward, but it isn’t often that he actual wakes Al up for sex.

“Al,” Matthew whines softly against Al’s ear as his hands slip around him and into his pants. “I’m horny. Al, wake up huh?”

It’s the combination of hands in his pants, and Matthew’s voice that finally gets him awake.  

“Mattie,” Al breaths out softly. “What’re you doin huh?” He laughs and jerks into his hand. “D’ya miss me huh?”

“Mm-hmm,” he hums in agreement, then he’s grinding in against Al’s ass. “I did. I need some ‘us’ time~” Then he’s kissing at Al’s neck.

Al has to grip at the sheets to steady himself. “Jeez, it’s three am. You should be asleep!”

“I was, uh, dreaming about you,” Matthew admits before nipping at his earlobe and pushing Al down onto his stomach. “And when I woke up I couldn’t think of a good reason not to make it happen.”

Shivering with pleasure, Al nods a little. “Come to think of it,” he admits. “Neither can I…”

“See?” Matthew says as he gets Al’s boxers off. “It’s a good idea.”

“You’re doing all the work, though,” Al says back. “Punishment for waking me up!”

“No problem~ Just grab the lube for me.”

So Al does.

Matthew certainly does take care of him. He presses him down, one hand massaging up along his back as the other moves to prepare him. Matthew pushes his thighs apart to settle in between his legs. Though Al had only been kidding, pressed down onto his stomach this way means he really can’t do much. Soon, Matthew is on top of him and pushing into him.  

“Fuck, baby,” Al moans softly. “God yes, more.”

“Always impatient,” Matthew pants against his neck. Then he starts to move, thrusting into him quick and rough. After a moment he moans as well, and says, “I’m going to speed up.”

“Yeah, uh-huh,” Al replies, licking his lips. “Go ahead.”

Their love making doesn’t last long, because of the late hour- they’re both a bit sleepy after all. They’re still sweating and hot by the end though, and when Matthew pulls out, Al rolls over to kiss his lover until he falls asleep.

Love me Sweet- 1p2p Amecan after care


Al loves kink and is, perhaps, one of the dirtiest partners that Matt has ever had. He’s loud and demanding, and he loves both dominating and being submissive. Honestly he makes for quite a good submissive too. Mostly because he is defiant, and Matt has to punish him. Perhaps this could also be considered a flaw, but Al loves to be punished. 

For Matt it’s fun because it means he has to be creative, and he has to make his partner submit. It turns their play into a rather challenging game that leaves both of them breathless and undone by the end of it. Oh sure, they make love too, and they can be incredibly loving and gentle with each other.

But they definitely enjoy challenging each other and fighting for dominance.

Today, Al has submitted himself for some sensory deprivation and a bit of light punishment for his bad behavior last time they were together.

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